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One day online webinar for awareness on Natural Farming

Implementing Agency : Regional Centre of Organic and Natural Farming
Objectives : To create awareness among various stakeholders about Natural farming through intensive online awareness programmes on weekly basis by NCONF and RCONFs.
Programme Duration : 3-4 hours.
Medium : Through Online cloud based video conference live streaming.
No. of Participants : As per participation in online event.
Eligibility for participation: Open to all.
Topics :
  • Introduction to Natural farming.
  • Need, principles, practices and benefits of Natural farming.
  • Good Natural farming practices.
  • Natural production system for various agricultural, horticultural and plantation crops and inclusion of livestock in Natural farming practices.
  • Natural certification, branding and marketing.
  • Operation of PGS and Jaivik Kheti portal(Organic).
  • experience sharing / success story of progressive natural farmers / producers / traders / entrepreneurs across the country.
  • Q & A and Discussions with participants.