One day Farmers Training and Demonstration

Implementing Agency : Regional Centre of Organic Farming
Objectives : To create awareness at village level about organic farming, its need, practices and benefits and to provide knowledge about organic certification, branding and marketing including PGS and Jaivik Kheti portal operation, farmers will be trained by giving live demonstrations of on-farm resource management throughout the country.
Programme Duration : 1 Day duration
No. of Participants :  50 No. of participants/farmers
Eligibility for participation: Open to all
Course content :
  • Organic farming its need and benefits; organic production management system.
  • Techniques for doubling farmer’s income at village level like reducing input cost/inputs management, multilayer cropping, crop waste management, nutrient management, water management etc.
  • Branding of rural products, FSSAI, marketing and packaging of organic produce .
  • PGS and Jaivik Kheti portal information.
  • Current Government schemes related to organic farming