Objectives and Implementation components of National Centre for Organic and Natural Farming Ghaziabad and Its Regional Centers (RCONFs)

  • 1. Promotion of Chemical Free Farming (Organic and Natural Farming):
  •  (i) HRD Trainings to various stakeholders to popularize organic and Natural Farming among farmers and encourage them to use on farm inputs including organic manures.

     (ii) Publication of Training Literature (OFNL, BFNL & Compilation of various ITKs)

     (iii) Dissemination of region and crop specific best Package of Practices/Success stories etc.

     (iv) IEC activities (organizing/participating in National/ International Exhibitions/Trade Fairs, Seminars).

     (v) Documentation, collection and compilation of best practices and success stories on organic and natural farming

  • 2. Quality Assurance of Organic Inputs:
  •  (i) Nodal Quality Control Lab for Biofertilizers, Organic Fertilizers and Non-Edible De-OiledCake Fertilizers as per The Fertiliser (Inorganic, Organic or Mixed) (Control) Order 1985 of the Essential Commodity Act 1955.

     (ii) Revision of Standards & testing protocols as per latest advancements.

     (iii) NABL Accreditation for ensuring quality of testing.

     (iv) Lab Up gradation & Modernization through purchase of new equipment.

  • 3.Certification of Sustainable Produce:
  •  (i) Working as Secretariat for PGS-India Certification.

     (ii) Developing Standards and Natural Farming Certification system.

  • 4. Facilitation in Policy Formulation:
  •  (i) Providing inputs for Introducing new schemes, activities&programmes related to organic & natural farming.

     (ii) Baseline survey on agro-ecological based chemical free farming systems like natural farming.

     (iii) Website / application development on Natural farming and Natural farming certification.

     (iv) Collaboration with Organizations / Institutes working in field of organic and natural farming.

     (v) Monitoring of existing centrally sponsored schemes on Organic/ Natural farming.