Jaivik Kheti ( Facilitating marketing of organic produce )


  • Jaivik kheti portal is a unique initiative of Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), Department of Agriculture (DAC) along with MSTC to promote organic farming globally. It is a one stop solution for facilitating organic farmers to sell their organic produce and promoting organic farming and its benefit
  • Jaivik kheti portal is an E-commerce as well as a knowledge platform. Knowledge repository section of the portal includes case studies, videos, and best farming practices, success stories and other material related to organic farming to facilitate and promote organic farming. . E-commerce section of the portal provides the whole bouquet of organic products ranging from grains, pulses, fruits and vegetables
  • Buyers can now avail organic products at their door step through the portal at much lower prices. Organic farmers toil day and night to produce these best organic products and made them available for consumers via farm gate as well as door step delivery at very low prices as compared to market.
  • This portal links various stakeholders like regional councils, local groups, individual farmers, buyers, government agencies and input suppliers for the all-inclusive development and promotion of organic farming.
  • Through this portal we provide various price discovery mechanisms to help farmers get the best prices for their products through forward auction, price-quantity bidding, book building and reverse auction mechanisms.